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r , and get SP1 going. I've delegated the job of checking SP2 to Peter Deegan, his punishment for doing such great expose's on previous SP's over the years. In the interim there are some important details about patching Internet Explorer that you can't afford to miss. Even if you haven't installed Office XP Service Pack 2 yet, and don't intend to until we give it a "green light", it's important that you manually update IE in one specific way. Microsoft buried that little gem deep inside one of its security bulletins. I talk about it below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Make the shift to fast full throttle vibrant COLOR with the Phaser 6200. An affordable, high-performance office color laser printer that's FASTER than 90% of today's office printers at 16 ppm in full-color! Win a 50" HIGH-DEFINITION TV or a PHASER 6200 COLOR LASER PRINTER ENTER TO WIN at FREE downloadable book on Microsoft Excel time saving solutions 2. TOP TIPS: AH, BUT YOU CAN DO THAT IN OUTLOOK In WOW 7.37, I ran another big crop of "wish list" features for the next version of Outlook. Many of you WOWsers wrote to point out that it's possible to mark a message as "Read" using Outlook's Rules Wizard - providing you're running Outlook 2002 (the version in Office XP). The checkbox appears in the "What do you want to do with the message?" box, right where it belongs. It's a new feature in Outlook 2002, and it works as advertised! Even more of you wrote to say that you can create a new Contact based on an existing one, by opening the Contact, clicking Actions | New Contact from Same Company, and typing in the new name. Outlook pulls across the company name and address, and the business phone number. The File As field is filled with the company name until you update the record. I, for one, would like to make it much easier to create a new Contact based on an existing one (e.g., have the option on the Toolbar, next to the Save and Close button; and make it a choice when you right-click on a Contact in any View). But it can be done, right now. I still don't know of a way to specify wildcards in the spam mail sender's list, but WOWser BillH had this interesting idea: "Adding to the Junk Senders list from a junk message adds the full address of the junk sender to the list. However, the filter which the list supports will also work using only a domain name. I've found that if I periodically go into the list (look for "Junk Senders.txt"; on my Win 2000 machine, it's under C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\), and use Notepad to edit out the "; portion of the addresses to get to just the domain names, that takes care of a lot of the issues DB raises." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WORK FROM YOUR OFFICE, NOT YOUR CAR - FOR FREE! Control PCs securely over modems, networks or the Internet. IT Professionals report f
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s - FREE full function evaluation. Click to download. 3. WHEN GOADING IS ALL THAT WORKS Three weeks ago, WOW 7.36 warned you that Office XP Service Pack 2 was imminent. In that issue, I wondered out loud "...if Office XP Service Pack 2 will patch Internet Explorer? IE's rendering engine has been the source of many (dare I say "most"?) major security holes in Outlook. If SP-2 doesn't patch IE, it'll be a bit like chinking the life boats on the deck of the Titanic. If you know what I mean." Last Tuesday, Microsoft released Office XP Service Pack 2. Two days later, Microsoft delivered a big Internet Explorer patch - coupled with a PR blitz so pervasive (and effective!) that, before the week was out, almost every publication around the world featured an in-depth report on Microsoft's response to the latest security threats. Well, there's more to the story than what made the evening news. In spite of what you may have heard, Microsoft isn't exactly patching the security holes as an altruistic exercise for the benefit of its customers, and while the company is certainly "disclosing critical security flaws," it's had a bit of a, uh, nudge from people who are more than a bit upset at Microsoft's hole-patching history. I could start ranting about Microsoft's head-in-the-sand response to Chris Paget's "Shatter Attack" , but I'll confine myself to re-deifying Georgi Guninski. Georgi Guninski, as many of you know, has a knack for finding big, ugly security holes in Microsoft products. I think it's fair to say that all of the brass (and many of the workers) at Microsoft hate him because he gives the 'Softies a week or two to solve a problem and, if no solution is forthcoming, Georgi has no problem at all "going public" with his discoveries. In the past six months, Georgi built up a big collection of Office security problems (see which we've followed here in WOW. In my opinion, Georgi's work - and his willingness to blow the whistle - has done more to push the flurry of security improvements in Office that we've seen in recent months than any other outside stimulus. Microsoft has released security patches that seem to address Georgi's discoveries (e.g., the "April 25, 2002 Updates" and the "June 19, 2002 Updates" for various parts of Office 2000 and Office XP), but Georgi has always managed to find flaws in the patches. Have the 'Softies finally fixed all of Georgi's holes? I don't know, but given Microsoft's track record, it ain't likely. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OFFICE DOC MANAGER + PROFESSIONAL WEB BROWSER Research-Desk combines Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and a research oriented web browser into one super-MDI/tabbed application: Create workspaces, save all open docs with one command, search across all open documents, save web pages, and much more... 4. OFFICE AND THE IE "CRITICAL" UPDATES There's an important - crucial - detail about the Office Web Components security patch that Microsoft buried in its MS02-044 Security Bulletin. I talked about it in my Windows XP Newsletter earlier this week. Office Web Components are programs that let Internet Explorer behave like Office - so you can manipulate a spreadsheet from inside your Web browser, for example. When you install Office XP Service Pack 2, or the Office Web Components update (see below), the installer replaces the old version of the Office Web Components - the one with a bunch of huge security holes - with a new, improved version. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't have any way to declare the old version of the Office Web Components null and void. (There's something called a "kill bit" that the installer can't set - see the FAQ section of for details.) That means you could potentially be duped into re-installing the old, insecure version of the Office Web Components. If you've ever told Internet Explorer to "Always trust content from Microsoft Corporation" in response to a request to install a program on your computer, it's possible for the old version of the Office Web Components to be installed without your knowledge or consent. The solution? Tell Internet Explorer that it can't trust Microsoft any more. > In Internet Explorer, click Tools | Internet Options | Content > In the Certificates section click Publishers | Trusted Publishers > If you see Microsoft Corporation listed, click on it and click Remove. By the way, those of you who have been looking for the downloadable version of the Office Web Components (see for an explanation of how and why Microsoft yanked OWC from their Web site many months ago), will be relieved to know that a new, improved, possibly less-security-uh-challenged version is now available from the old download site, . Here's what all of this means to you Office users. Everybody needs to update their version of Internet Explorer, right away. Even if you don't use IE as your Web browser - even if you don't use any Web browser - Outlook and Outlook Express and other Office components rely on IE. The sins of the father are visited upon the son. Patch IE or all of your Office fixes won't mean doodley squat. Get to before you do anything else. I talked about the Internet Explorer holes and patches in this week's Woody's Windows XP Newsletter. Before you forget, set IE to DIStrust Microsoft, as noted above. Office XP Service Pack 2 rolls up all the previous security patches in Office XP, and (if I read between the tea leaves correctly) also includes at least one additional patch that tackles - perhaps cures - one of Georgi's longest-standing security holes. If you use Office XP, you should plan on installing Service Pack 2 as soon as we give it a "green light". Office 2000 doesn't have a new Service Pack (yet), so if you use Office 2000, you need to download and install the Office Web Components patch from Microsoft doesn't support Office 97 any more - and many of Georgi's exploits don't work in Office 97 anyway - so there isn't a whole lot that you O97 users can do. At this point, Office and Internet Explorer have become so intertwined that gaping security holes in one show up in the other, and in all but the simplest situations the two have to be patched in unison. Personally, I never got upset about Microsoft building Internet Explorer "into the operating system" - one of the anti-trust topics that's been beaten to death. But having IE and Office joined in an ongoing security death grip really gets me worried. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Buy One Inkjet Cartridge - GET TWO FREE!! ** Buy 1 Get 2 FREE on Most Epson, Canon, and Apple Cartridges. Wholesale Pricing on Lexmark Cartridges. Free Shipping on orders $25 or more!! U.S. Shipping Only. Click Here For a Complete List of Cartridges. 5. YET ANOTHER INTERNET EXPLORER SECURITY HOLE Want to see something scary? Create a file called c:\jelmer.txt and type a few lines of text in it. Then hit Jelmer Kuperus's site at . Guess what? Internet Explorer - whether it's had the latest "critical updates" applied to it or not - can read the contents of arbitrary files on your PC. I keep mentioning these gaping security holes in WOW because holes in IE can generally be exploited in email, sometimes with a little tweak or two, thanks to Outlook's reliance on the IE rendering engine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Refinance today while interest rates are low!!! Our simple request form can SAVE you THOUSANDS Just complete this :30 second form to access cash and pay off debts or make home improvements! Click here to get started 6. WORDPERFECT ON HP PAVILIONS So what does the world's largest PC maker do when the high price of Microsoft software drags down sales of its bargain-basement computers? It votes with its pocketbook. Starting next month, every new HP Pavilion computer will ship with Corel WordPerfect Productivity Pack - a combination of WordPerfect and Quattro Pro that's a scaled-down version of WordPerfect Office 2002. Pavilions used to ship with Microsoft Works. Forbes reports that Corel hopes to draw 3,000,000 new users this year because of the deal, and they further hope to entice 12% of all those folks to upgrade to full-blown WordPerfect Office. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7. READ YAHOO MAIL IN OUTLOOK? Those of you who have struggled with Outlook 2002's support of Hotmail (the decidedly un-integrated separate folder that doesn't do much, see ) may be looking for an alternative. Yahoo has a decent free email service (which was once plagued with privacy/disclosure problems but now, I'm assured, ranks among the more enlightened), but there's no way to retrieve your Yahoo mail in Outlook, short of paying for "POP3 support". Or is there? There's a fascinating program called YahooPops, at , that tricks Yahoo Mail into behaving like a POP3 email server - and that's exactly what you need to be able to handle the mail in Outlook. YahooPops is still in beta, so only the strong-willed need apply, at this point. But perhaps it's a glimpse into the future? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8. YAHOO - THE LAST OUTLOOK SYNCHRONIZER STANDING Sue Mosher's Slipstick Web site, is reporting the imminent demise of ReadySyncGo!, one of the few Outlook/PDA Contact/Calendar synching services left on the Web. If you use ReadySyncGo , you better retrieve your data before September 15. That's when the site officially goes belly-up. The last free Contact/Calendar synchronizing service that's widely available is from Yahoo. To synchronize Contacts, you have to log on at , then click the button marked "Import/Export" in the upper right corner, and then follow the instructions to milk a CSV (comma-separated-value) file from Outlook, before uploading it to Yahoo. The Calendar sync is at - and they're both about to be integrated with Yahoo Mail see . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9. IN MEMORY OF GALEN ROWELL You may not know his name, but I bet you know his photographs. One of the finest outdoor photographers of all time, an avid climber and traveler, Tibetan human rights activist, and darn good writer to boot, Galen Rowell has been my personal idol for more than a decade. He and his wife Barbara died last week in a twin-engine turboprop plane crash just south of Bishop, California, where they lived. The International Campaign for Tibet has a memorial site at . The picture that Galen took of the Potala Palace in Lhasa - one of the most awe-inspiring photographs I've ever seen - is on that Web page. I'll bet you've seen it, even if you didn't know where it came from. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10. KEEP WOW ALIVE AND FREE If you like the no-nonsense style you see in this newsletter - the straight scoop, whether Microsoft likes it or not, dished out in a way that won't put you to sleep - get one of my books! "Windows XP All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies", Hungry Minds "Special Edition Using Microsoft Office XP" with Ed Bott, Que "Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000" with Ed Bott, Que "Woody Leonhard Teaches Office 2000", Que ADVERTIZING You, too, can reach the largest group of influential Office users on the planet for a mere pittance... send a message to Jan mailto: and our ad folks will send you details. 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