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YPOPs! and K9
Wednesday, 12 March 2008 00:51
NOTE: The following instructions assume the mail client to be Outlook Express 6. You can configure K9 to work with other email clients as well. Just replace the OE specific configuration details with the o­nes for your mail client.

To use Robin Keir's excellent anti-spam program K9 version 1.05 () together with YP and OE6, these settings should work without a problem.
For purposes of this example, assume your mail address is ""; and your password is "hello" (without the quote marks):
1) O­n the Server Tab:
Under "Server Information": My incoming mail server is a POP3 server.
  • Incoming mail (POP3):
  • Outgoing mail (SMTP):
Under "Incoming Mail Server":
  • Account name: localhost/110/myname
  • Password: hello
  • Check "Remember Password" box 
Under "Outgoing Mail Server":
  • Check "My Server Requires Authentication"
  • Under "Settings":
  • For "Logon Information": Set "Log o­n Using"
  • Account name: myname
  • Password: hello
  • Check "Remember Password" box
2) O­n the Advanced Tab:

Under "Server Port Numbers":
  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP): 25
  • Incoming Mail (POP3): 9999
Increase "Server Timeouts" to "Long (5 minutes)"