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Welcome to YPOPs!
YPOPs! is a free open source software that provides POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. You can use your favourite email client, be it Outlook, Thunderbird, or whatever else you like and connect to Yahoo! Mail seamlessly.

YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail.

How do we do it you ask?
Well, this application is more like a gateway. It provides a POP3 server interface at o­ne end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) interface at the other which allows it to talk to Yahoo! The same concept holds good for SMTP as well.


YPOPs! was started in May 2002 and over the years has a very large user community with over 3 million downloads from SourceForge alone.


The new website was launhed in March 2008 with an aim to improve the overall look and feel of the website along with a renewed focus on improving documentation, FAQs, etc.

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