GitHub’s Importance to Open Source Communities

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There is plenty of open-source software and they are everywhere. These open-source software are playing a major role in powering the languages, applications and frameworks which are used by you on a daily basis. There are many studies that took place on this open-source concept and it is found that over 50 percent of the code present in software is open source code.

The code which is made available for everybody’s use can change the original software which is built by the owner. But there are many things to consider about the open-source code and most importantly security and complexity concerns. There is a chance that open source software can be filled with libraries that are outdated and malicious actors. These attackers can actively try to subvert these items. These are some of the threats that can expose an organization to other additional risks.


GitHub as always considered security issues as a kind of community problem that needs more attention and which needs to be solved. For this, there is a need to follow secure coding practices and GitHub also takes care of fixing the vulnerabilities whenever they come across some. The coding community offers templates that can be utilized for websites and web applications in specific niches. For example in the adult dating niche, a casual encounter site like which utilizes a sign up form for members looking to hook up, can look at code that other adult sites use for the same functions and feel confident in iterating on an adult site with a secure reputation. Everybody works here towards minimizing the vulnerable targets and these results in making the process of hacking very difficult. More than that, because of all these measures by GitHub, hacking becomes expensive and less profitable as well.

Importance of GitHub

When a healthy and safe open source community exists, it helps open-source software and along with that, it benefits many other things as well. Along with open source, it also takes care of millions of other technologies which are depending on the open-source. GitHub offers processes and tools which are built for organizations to perform secure coding. These processes and tools can be utilized for the entire coding process and in their development lifecycle.

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Taking all kinds of security and shifting measures, helps the organizations in preventing the code defects as well It also helps them in all kinds of projects they perform. These measures help in preventing the vulnerabilities before even a security incident happens.

GitHub puts too many efforts and works hard for open source communities. It always helps in protecting the open-source software that you build, use, and contribute to. In GitHub, we offer thousands of projects towards security initiatives, services, and offering features. They also offer a lot of projects for businesses which are relying on open source. They always follow best practices on which an organization can easily rely on.

Make open source secured

There are a lot of things to consider for making the open source more secure.

Dependency vulnerabilities

There are many tools from GitHub for taking care of dependency vulnerability. These are built for providing in-GitHub alerts and they are built in collaboration with the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). These are nothing but vulnerable libraries that contain common and outstanding vulnerabilities and exposures. These tools support .NET, Java, Python, JavaScript, and even Ruby.

For performing this, they take CVE alerts which help them in describing vulnerable as well as remediated versions. After that, they also help in identifying these by using their language dependency management definitions. All these capabilities are supported and offered by many third-party tools as well. But most of the open-source repositories are currently not using these third-party tools. This is the reason GitHub can come in between and provide help.


Open-source repositories available on GitHub are highly secured. Along with the NVD data, the GitHub platform also ensures the highest security. In many places, most of the projects may publicize certain security fixes that are outside the NVD. This can include open source groups, mailing lists, and some kind of release note as well.

Solving vulnerabilities code

When it comes to ensuring open source projects there is no need to rely on libraries that come with vulnerabilities. Another thing is, you should allow open source projects to identify the vulnerabilities and fix them. Before even getting exposed to the public all kinds of vulnerabilities should be fixed.

Open-source software and projects are always exposed to all kinds of vulnerabilities. If your organization is using these open source software then you should make sure that you have taken all kinds of measures towards security for preventing these vulnerabilities to get exposed.

GitHub is one such community that helps the organizations which are using open source software and which depend on open source projects. It ensures that all kinds of tools and security measures are provided so that the organization doesn’t suffer from any kind of issues related to open source software and code.

Even though open-source software and open-source code have helped in the growth of the organizations and technologies, there are many things to consider before you decide to use them. Hurry over to GitHub’s site: and take advantage of all of the open source opportunities available.